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Capture Safety Observations From the Field

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Safety Observations is a web-based tool that allows your employees to:

  • Easily capture safety observations from a smartphone or tablet
  • Capture images & descriptions of the observation
  • Email observations directly to safety personnel
  • Bookmark for everyday use

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Use Your Mobile Device to Record Observations

You will receive a registration email, where you’ll find your custom link for the Safety Observations tool. Simply share this link with others in your company and bookmark on your phone for easy access later.


Make Instant Changes from Observations

Observations from the field are received in your inbox instantly, with detailed reports and photos attached. You’ll also be able to log in to your account to view and manage all of your observations. This allows your safety manager & executives to analyze or instantly make changes to help identify leading indicators.

Start Recording Safety Observations

Learn more about our Complete Safety System at:

The Safety Observations tool will allow you to:

  • Easily start a two-way safety conversation and open communication channel with the field
  • Help personnel connect what they see in the field and match what their perceptions of safe habits
  • Send observations from field personnel up the chain directly to those who can affect change
  • Have hundreds of eyes on each job site through photos sent in from the field with each observation
  • Use information to create leading indicators on the job site


How to Use the Safety Observations Tool

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